Level Down

by FA!L

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Luke Kegley
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Luke Kegley Damn good release from a very tight German skate punk band that definitely knows how to combine melody and punk together. Can't wait to hear more from these guys! Favorite track: Fade Away.
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released October 9, 2015



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FA!L Iserlohn, Germany

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Track Name: Skate On
Since hundred eighty two days
I am sitting on my ass
Wasting my time
Bailing in THPS
And on my weekend
There was too much alcohol
But the summer's coming
And also time to roll


Get up! Move on!
Time to lose control
Get on your board
Skate and destroy

Blood on my skin
But I love this pain
Sweat's running down my face
Lets me feel free again
And when the sun goes
We will stay anyway
We are the children of
Track Name: Anymore
Seemed to be a hope, be something more
You're just a lie, I don't like you anymore
And even if it wasn't love
You're such a whore, I don't like you anymore

She came from nowhere
Just to take a shower
She was the dreamer one
Seemed to be precious one
But behind her blue eyes
She was stuffed with lies
It was all a disguise
All a disguise

Friendship or love? I don't know
But there was something special
Important to me I swear
Made no difference to her
"Get to know you better" - she said
Then she fucked my best friend
And this was the end
This was the end
Track Name: Tabasco
This is not a test
This is serious
You are making me
Feel like a loner

Here goes the scenery, my dear
4 AM and the next last beer
The uptight never want to hear about your curfew
I guess you knew that from the start
Said the liver to the heart
As they watched my mind depart right with you
There's nothing I can do

This is not a test
This is serious
You are making me
Feel like a loner
I am way too close
To this dead end road
You are taking me
Taking me over

Oh let me please sit this one out
Event horizon on a holy ground
The afterburning of a black hole pair
When it's "she gone, void come"
You gotta keep your head up
But all the little things won't add up
And you're the only one who's fed up, yeah

Turn away, turn away
At the end of the day
Burn away to the come what may

I'm burning
I'm yearning
Are you burning too?

I feel like a loner
You're taking me over
Track Name: Fire In the Hole
Here I am with the lethal tool in my hand
Struggling in the name of my fatherland
Ready to take a life, just give me an order
And I will give it an end

Decision "friend or foe" is out of control
Follow the command private: Fire in the hole

In the hole

Wait a sec., what the heck? This makes no sense at all
The solution is not to take away mother's son
Why we're fighting the wars of the merciless leaders?
It finally has to stop

I'll show you your enemy!
Sir! Yes Sir!
I make the rules of justice!
Sir! Yes Sir!
Fallow the path of my voice!
Sir! Yes Sir!
Kill in the name of my choice!
Sir! Yes Sir!
Track Name: Suburban Boy
The sun comes up, then goes away
And he still follows his own way
Creating own reality
To avoid bleak normality

Suffers 'cause of society
And single one's stupidity
The government burns everyday
In his anarchistic head

Suburban boy, he's out of place
He's not fulfilled but he's okay
And all the other normal kids
Don't know the feeling of being free
He stands out every day against
And always tries to break the fence
Rebellious life also has joy
The story of Suburban Boy

So many times the broken heart
But he is still not giving up
Has got fun at every little thing
And mostly doesn't give a shit

Sone in the hand, glow in the heart
Not having much, he's fighting but
He's not alone, he's part of the
Improper Subsociety

He's out of place
He's not fulfilled but he's okay
And all the other normal kids
Don't know the feeling of being free

He stands out every day against
And always tries to break the fence
Rebellious life also has joy

Here we go!
Track Name: Good Day
I turn on TV
I turn it off, yeah! I turn it off
I walk through the streets
I turn around, yeah! I turn around
I hear the screams
I mute 'em out, yeah! I mute 'em out!
Sambiki no saru
Don't care about, I don't care about

I were in 1000 places
I saw 1000 faces
1000 voices in my mind
Destination undefined
One chance to stop you
It's time to fuck you
Gotta go through, walk blind
Where exit is to find


I gotta good day
Good day

Won't see
Won't say
Won't hear
Don't care

Good day!
I don't care
Track Name: Nazi Hunters
Your master's gone
So long ago
The history has shown
He was so wrong
But you're still here
Year by year
While you had to disappear

Where's your hair? Where's your brain?
You will have to change your way
'Cause we stand united there
Nazi hunters everywhere

Good night white pride
You're a social scar
We do support Contra Xenophobia
So change or run
You Nazi scum
The end has to be done

Where's your brain? Where's your hair?
Nazi hunters everywhere
Track Name: Left
When everything's falling apart
When I wish I could press restart
Thousands thoughts inside my head
And I'm trapped in my bed
Silence is drowning out my mind
And a single soul is not to find

I am lonely as hell
'Cause nobody's there
Silent despair
Nobody's there

When everything is inside out
And I can't stop to think about
Staring at these empty walls
Always trying to ignore
Cold rain plays sad melody
Deep darkness is embracing me

Where the fuck is everyone?
No one calls me on the phone
Where is everybody gone?
Why you left me all alone?
Track Name: Disconnected
Up on the rooftop and I'm shouting out
(Where did it all go wrong)
I should have gone there but I ran about
(Now this ain't where I belong)

Don't know what to say
Don't know anything at all
Don't know if I'll ever make it through
Lost the energy
Lost the way you wanted me
Lost myself and that's when I lost you
And I lost you
Now I'm...

It's another day
It's another day away
It's another try to break it down
I am on my knees
But my feet don't hit the ground
Of a timeline that is all wiped out
Yeah you wiped it out

And I wait
With the blues of today
Now that you are away
And behind I stay
I am disconnected

The time of my life expired

And I wait
With the blues of today
Now that you are away
And behind I stay
I stay and I wait
With the blues of today
Now that you are away
And behind I stay
And I wait
Track Name: American Girl
She's an American Girl
In non-American world
She just want to leave this place
She's an American Girl
In non-American world
Where she doesn't feel okay

This is no matter of
Politics or nationality
This is the part of her
So she is making plans
To chase the freedom
To get away
Priority to get
The happiness
Get it someday

Sad look in her eyes
Tears on her cheeks
But she's not giving up
Even if it's clear that she's
Not close enough
There has to be goodbye
To make her smile
To help her getting through
'Cuz she'll be always tryin'
To make her
Dreams come true

I know I'll miss my
American Girl
But I have to let her go!
Track Name: Fade Away
I look into your vacant eyes, can't see a thing
Do you suppress your feelings or is there nothing at all
Forgotten gate is tightly closed but here's a key
It's up to you, you turn around and then you leave

And now I'm standing here
And my feelings they are choking me
I hope that I will never
Fall in love again

I'm not okay
It's hard to watch you fade away
But I'm not gonna cry
Though it's time to say goodbye

I torture myself trying to get you out of my head
And now it feels as if I would be better off dead
I wish that I will never see you again
But actually I miss you and it is my bane

Track Name: Not I'm
Today it's way too much to will to be free
Gotta walk the way default by society
Gotta find some shitty job 9 to 5 a day
Giving up so many things, pretending it's okay

I ain't got no time
For the things I wanna do
I ain't got no time
For my friends and for you
I ain't got no time
To live my life like I want to
I ain't got no time
For myself

Wanna rest a day, wanna take a break
But I got no time
I want to riot and demonstrate
But I got no time
Wanna do the stuff that I have to defere
But I got no time
Enjoy my life intense and aware

I ain't got no time to write this song
Ain't got no time to sing along
And everything is going strange
It's not okay
I should take my time
For a change
Track Name: Intoxicated Crowd
Brainraping virtual reality
Blind hordes controlled automatically

Left to right to left to right to left
Was an option once - now nobody cares
Consumption is the only one thing that counts
Is the only thing they want

Now they forgot the values
Now they forgot to live

We shout!
Inxoticated Crowd
Inxoticated Crowd
We shout!
Inxoticated Crowd
Right now!

Enjoying life's illusion
And having blinders on

Take away today what entertains them
Then tomorrow they are gonna rebel
Deviation, brain amputation
Goverment's plan in every single nation

Anthem to make them open their eyes
To make them realize

Break down!
Track Name: Lettergo
There's a kid on the wrong side of today
Filling the void like an ashtray
Playing the role again so perfectly
And I say
Here's to the highway
Here's to the misery
Bloody nose, overdose, dark energy
To the daydream
As it explodes
Shut the fuck up
Cause I know

I need to let her go
I need to let her go, go, go
I need to let her go
Now she's gone for good
I need to let her go tomorrow

And we're all out of my head
Puppets on a magnet
So sad to see you

Another kid on the wrong side of today
Forever on the edge of the city
Thrown into burgers, booze and mass TV
And I say
Here's to the wannabe
Here's to the shouldabeen
Pick em up, line em up
Get em people in
To the followers
To the vultures
Having me in, they all know

And we're all out of my head
Puppets on a magnet
So sad to see you
And we're all out of my mind
Suckers to a landmine
So nice to write a letter, time to getter

I need to let her go
(She will never know)
I need to let her go
(She will never know)
I need to let her go
(You know she's gone for good)
I gotta let her
Gonna letter, time to letter
Track Name: Gone
Woke up today
Don't want to get up
'Cause every day is just the same

Most of my friends
Are just some strangers
Apart from parties, they are lame

The land of slaves
With programmed lifes that's
Why there's no perspective for me

The happiness
Is somewhere else so
I have to go on a trip

Oh I have had enough

That's why I'm gone
I'm gone away
And I'm never coming back

She said that I'm
The only one but
She dumped me for another guy

I thought we were
The very best friends
One day he left, I don't know why

So many things
Are losing meaning
By disappointment every day

So many do
Not care a bit so
It's time to choose another way